Presentation & Rhetoric

Utilizing „The power of our voice“ 

Target audience:

CEOs, managers at all levels (like senior managers, department leaders ...) and employees who are required to speak publicly or in front of people

Contents of seminar:

  • Communication / rhetoric
  • Building conversations systematicly: preparation – beginning – linking themes – ending
  • Effective formulation of speeches, presentation techniques
  • Reducing jitters, speaking inhibitions, dealing with interruptions
  • Body language – „ Speak so that I can see you“
  • Clothing as a powerful medium
  • Vocal exercises, methods for effective speaking
  • Interviews, team roleplays, engaging parts of the audience
  • Ad hoc – speaking spontaniousely
  • Camera training, video analysis


  • Gain confidence in expressing yourself effectively – improving use of rhetoric
  • Strengthening the voice, voice quality and expressions
  • Preparation of speeches, short speeches, moderating at corporate and social events,
  • guest speaking, specialist presentations
  • Confidence in voice and speech for conversations, internal meetings and trainings
  • Gaining effective use/profile with microphones and in shooting
  • Performing with confidence in all business situations with perfect voice, body language and technical skills 

Duration / Participants:

  • 1–2 days , duration from 9 am to 5 pm
  • Maximum 10 participants
  • Script


Ulla Theussl